The Qatari consortium, which includes the Qatari Investment Authority and the Reuben Brothers, had been in talks with Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley for several months. However, it is now believed that their initial offer was deemed insufficient by Ashley, who reportedly wants at least £300 million more.

Following the rejection of the Qatari consortium's offer, it has been reported that British financier Amanda Staveley and her firm PCP Capital Partners are now working with American sports tycoon Henry Mauriss on a joint bid for the club. Meanwhile, it is also believed that American businessman Michael Dell is considering making an offer for the club.

This news comes after weeks of speculation surrounding the future ownership of Newcastle United. Fans of the club have been eagerly awaiting news of a potential takeover, with many hoping that a new owner will bring much-needed investment and stability to the team.

It remains to be seen who will ultimately take over the club, but it is clear that there is significant interest from a number of potential buyers. With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the football industry, it is likely that any potential deal will be subject to close scrutiny from all parties involved.